Ways to expand with me

The Ult Fit mission has two parts:  

Get there faster. Get there funner.  

There are hundreds of personal trainers out there. But what makes us unique is that we see fitness as fun. We know that if you love working out and you have a great relationship with your trainer, you'll keep coming back and working harder. You'll get the results you want while enjoying the ride. It's our mission to create a space that gets you the body and health you crave by building a community of dedicated souls just like you.



Limitless Expansion Meditation

(Higher Consciousness)


The Vault Meditation

(Unlocking Your Gifts)

Remembering Your Impact Meditation

(Influence & Impact)

Beauty & Luxe Meditation

(Self Image and pleasure)

Commit to Fit. Commit to Fun.

Check out our legendary studio, meet our team of master trainers, and see for yourself how Ult Fit's approach to fun fitness changes the way you reach your health goals.