Are you ready for the best body of your life? No matter where you're starting out today, we have the perfect program to bring you to your goal. We take a customized approach to each individual's training to ensure you make progress quickly, safely, and powerfully. Check out our basic training programs below.

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Comprehensive 3 / week

This is the most popular option for Ult Fit clients. You and your trainer will create a comprehensive fitness and nutrition plan, and you'll workout together 3 times each week. The frequency of sessions keeps you accountable and helps you reach your goals faster. You'll reevaluate your health plan every two months to ensure you're constantly on the right path to success.


Comprehensive 2 / week 

If three times per week is too much for you right now, we recommend the two per week plan. This still gives you a lot of facetime with your trainer, so you can keep rocketing towards your goals. Starting with a total diet and workout assessment, your trainer will work with you on and off the clock to encourage your health and wellness as you move to your goals.


Comprehensive Flex

Like the other comprehensive programs, you'll start with a complete nutrition and fitness assessment. But flex lets you create your own training timeline, based on your schedule. You can create a relationship with your trainer and schedule on an as-needed basis. Your trainer will still keep you accountable, though, to make sure you're not slacking on your promise to reach the next level of health.


Nutrition Strategy

Nutrition is 80% of the battle, especially when it comes to losing weight. If you don't have your diet dialed, your workout routine won't show the results you anticipate. So we offer a specific nutrition strategy plan so you can emphasize healthy, clean eating in your life. This program includes everything from meal plans and accountability coaches to cheat sheets for when you eat out at restaurants!


Sports Training

If you're training for a sport, either recreationally or professionally, we have physical trainers specifically certified for athletic endurance and performance. We can help bring you to the next level of your game, or we can help get you back in the game after an injury. We tailor daily workout and nutrition plans to condition your body specifically for your sport. We even have former professional athletes on our team who understand your unique needs and targets.


All Things You

Everyone has their own unique goals and desires when it comes to their body. Want to shred fat or bulk up? Want to have more energy or sleep better? Want to minimize stress or tone your muscles? Whatever your goals, our trainers are qualified to take you through the process in a healthful, effective way. Sign up for an initial training consultation to discuss your individual goals, and we can create a custom training plan for YOU.